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Here you’ll be kept up to date with all the musings from Simon and our team here at the Winning Post 

Our hidden gem of a pub with rooms is more than just a beautiful building in the village of Winkfield it's a celebration of life!  We’d love to share some of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’

In addition to that, we will be sharing our thoughts on the way to get a good night’s sleep, tips for the perfect staycations, the latest recipes from our chefs our legendary events updates and a few ramblings from  Simon.

Burns Night Traditions at the Winning Post

Whisky, Haggis and Poetry - Burns Night at the Winning Post

Get ready for a fantastic celebration of life with our Burns Night bash at the Winning Post – it's going to be one to remember! As the sun dips and the chilly night takes over, bagpipes will start playing, signaling the start of our Burns Night shenanigans. Picture this: a kilted bagpiper playing hauntingly beautiful tunes that transport you straight to the misty hills of Scotland. The bagpipes set the vibe for an evening full of respect for tradition and all-out fun.

 Now, let's talk haggis. We've got the good stuff from Collins of Glasgow, masters of Scottish gastronomy. Get ready to savor haggis like never before – it's Scotland's culinary game at it’s best.

And the poetry reading!  It's not just any reading; same as last year, you can expect Will to provide a dramatic dive into Robert Burns' finest works. We're talking "Address to a Haggis" with all the passion and wit that screams Burns Night.

 Oh, but what's a Scottish celebration without a whisky toast? We've got a ‘braw’ selection of whiskies for all tastes. Let the amber goodness flow as we raise a glass to Robert Burns and the everlasting spirit of Scotland.

So, grab your tartan, round up the gang, book your spot, and let Burns Night work its magic.. Get ready for a night of laughs, drinks, and memories that'll stick around long after the bagpipes stop. Slàinte mhath!

POSTED: 22nd January 2024

Winning Post winning

Embracing the heartbeat of our community a love letter to our locals!

POSTED: 20th December 2023

As 2023 draws to a close we’ve been reflecting on the year we’ve had at The Winning Post and overall, it’s been a belter! So I wanted to take this moment to say thank you to you! – yes, you, our awesome locals who create atmosphere, a beating heart and turn this place into something very special! 

You come to the Winning Post to be entertained… who? 

The Environment! 

The music, plates dropping on the pass, corks popping, laughter, bar staff dropping glasses, the noise of energetically shaken cocktails, conversations (heated or quiet!) and much more is all created from you, the team and I just facilitate this and my word do we enjoy doing so!

Choosing us isn't just about grabbing one of our “life changing” Prawn Toasts or Korean cauliflowers (I was wrong about the latter, public apology Head Chef Simon); it's about supporting your community. We've seen birthdays, friendships forming, and random celebrations that take an unexpected twist. Every time you swing by, you're not customers; you're keeping this community vibrant.

Consider this place your canvas, and your feedback paints the picture. We're not here to just serve; we want to create an experience that just fits! We’re here to help you celebrate life and if you’ve got feedback, we’re all ears. 

From live music, Royal Ascot, supper clubs, Christmas, New Year, and the big events like Dia de Muertos that bring us all together – we're all about having fun and celebrating life. 

Consider this letter an open invitation. Got a story, a suggestion, or just want to shoot the breeze? Our doors and ears are wide open. This place isn't just ours; it's yours too.

Here's to you, the heartbeat of our spot. Thanks for making this place the awesome community it is. Looking forward to more memories, more laughs, and just soaking in the unique spirit you bring every day.

Can’t wait for 2024 to get underway!

Warm regards, Simon & the team

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