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After surviving the chaotic silly season filled with good times all round, then enduring dreary January where people claim - "I'm doing dry January, Simon" (if I had a quid for every time I heard that, I'd have retired to my Greek island), we've finally stumbled into February – the month for romantics…….or is it?

So, picture this: Valentine's Day is approaching, and it's that time of year when couples either love it or dread it. The fear kicks in – what on earth are we going to talk about for an entire hour and a half? Spoiler alert: it usually ends with both parties glued to their phones at the one-hour mark, catching up on "essential" stuff that simply cannot wait.

Now, Valentine's Day at the Winning Post is a bit of an enigma. All our tables last year were 2`s and getting an atmosphere going with just pairs is like trying to start a party in a library – it just doesn't happen. Enter legendary Bobby King, who drops this wisdom bomb on me: "Simon, forget about tables of 2`s, go for 4`s and 6`s. That's what we used to do, and it worked." Well, Bobby, you old genius, let's consider this.

So, after mulling this idea over a bottle or two of Amarone, I stroll into the Winning Post a few days later, gather Simon (our Head Chef), Diana, and Jordan, and drop my bombshell: "Here's a brilliant idea – no 2`s on Valentine's Day! We're filling the place with 4`s and 6`s, and Raj (our Sous chef) is conjuring up an authentic curry tasting menu!" Now, in an ideal world, we would have had a wild celebration, high-fives, and cheers. But reality? You could hear a pin drop.

Cut to today – our pub is bursting at the seams on the 14th of February. Average table size? 4.8 people. Friends and locals are all in, supporting the WP and turning it into the special place it is. Cue the confetti and a resounding cheer: "Celebrate life!"

So, here's to breaking the mould, spicing things up with curry, and turning Valentine's Day into a celebration of togetherness. Because why settle for a romantic dinner for two when you can have a party for 4.8? Cheers to life, love, and curry at the Winning Post!

POSTED: 2nd February 2024

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